Cafe “Washed and fed” is the Russian kitchen in Nikolaevka that offers traditional dishes of homemade Russian cuisine in a calm and cozy atmosphere. Order a lunch or dinner in our kitchen and we deliver your order directly to your room.

Beer snacks
Garlic toasts 90 Rub./150 g
Smoked cheese 150 Rub./100 g
Prawns 250 Rub./250 g
Beer plate (garlic toasts, smoked cheese) 230 Rub./250 g
Homemade salted salo 120 Rub./100 g
Toast with eggs 45 Rub./100 g
Omelet with greens 70 Rub./180 g
Fried eggs 45 Rub./120 g
Porridge of the day with farm butter 55 Rub./220 g
Fresh vegetable salad 75 Rub./150 g
Main courses
Homemade manti 150 Rub./5 pc
Meat dumplings “Sytnye” from ” Washed and fed” 150 Rub./160 g
Homemade dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms 130 Rub./150 g
Dumplings with cottage cheese 130 Rub./150 g
Potato pancakes with cheese (served with sour cream and greens) 150 Rub./220 g
Escalope baked with tomato and cheese (served with French fries) 250 Rub./250 g
Pork neck steak (served with French fries) 350 Rub./300 g
Sour cream 20 Rub./20 g
Mayonnaise 15 Rub./10 g
Ketchup 15 Rub./10 g
Baked goods
Homemade pirozhki 40 Rub./ 1 pc
Homemade blini:
+sour cream ;
+condensed milk;
+honey with lingonberry;
55 Rub./ 3 pc
25 Rub.
25 Rub.
25 Rub.
Soft drinks
Homemade mors (blackcurrant, sandthorn, ginger) 80 Rub./500 ml
Tisane (one teapot) 50 Rub./ 1000 ml
Brewed coffee 65 Rub./250 ml
Milk shake 90 Rub./250 ml

Order by phone: +7 (391) 272-58-14 

Open hours:

Monday – Sunday:  from 10.00 to 22.00