“Nikolaevskie bani” is a real traditional Russian steam sauna and a health complex for the whole family. We are famous for the home atmosphere, excellent steam up to 130⁰C and leafy and fragrant brooms of birch and oak. You can relax on your own in the individual apartments or enjoy the company in our collective banya.

We have at your service 8 individual apartments with steam rooms and rest areas, 3 of them are equipped with plunge pools with chilled water. For your enjoyment, the rest areas are comfortable furnished. It’s a place to take a break from the hot temperature, relax with friends and drink fresh herbal tea to complete your experience. Traditional Russian food and drinks can be served in your individual apartment by delivery service of our cafe “Washed and fed”.

Our common banya provides you a large steam room and an ice cold plunge pool on the outdoor terrace that will be pleasure for your body and soul.


Our visit to the sauna was exceptional. At the beginning we were unsure what to expect as it was difficult to find. After some failed attempts at Russian with the staff, Max was called. Max spoke excellent English and explained the prices of the sauna. He also talked us through the "self-service" laundry. Again the price was excellent. It wasn't really self-service as the ladies took care of everything. We then enjoyed a 2hr sauna/banya in a privat 2-person room. The food from the cafe was tasty and the rooms were very clean. It was a great experience. If we are ever in Krasnoyarsk, we will be back. If you find yourself in Krasnoyarsk, take the time to visit...

Stewart, Australia